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Carbon Graphite Seals, Steam Joint, Seals, Packing & Value Seals.

SEW Carbon Products has been manufacturing mechanical face seals from carbon graphite for over 10 years. Carbon graphite is an ideal seal material in every aspect. Self lapping and flexible enough to conform to the mating face, very hard and resistant to wear, and self lubricating. It’s also lubricated by almost any fluid so the media being sealed can act as a lubricant. It’s impervious and resistant to most chemicals.

We have a wide selection of grades and sizes in stock and have the ability to manufacture custom parts quickly. With our equipment we can accurately manufacture a wide variety of shapes and routinely hold tolerances of 0.02mm and 2 HE light bands flatness for seal face surface finishes.

Carbon Graphite Seals:


• Self lubricating
• Low coefficient of friction
• Resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and oxidation
• Dimensional stability under wide temperature variations
• Compatible with food & pharmaceuticals
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• Excellent thermal shock
• Good thermal conductivity
• Good mechanical strength
• Mates to a wide variety of materials

Typical Applications:

1. Paper Making drayers
2. Recciprocal Compressors
3. Scew Compressor
4. Steam turbines
5. Hydro electric Power generator
6. Drum drayer
7. Mixing Mills
8. Ball Values
9. Corrosive environments
10. Chemical pumps
11. Steam joints
12. Food processing pumps
13. Process pumps in refineries
14. Cold and hot water pumps
15. Seals for agitators and mixers
16. Temperatures above 400 deg F
17. Cryogenic applications


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