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Carbon Brush Holders

SEW Carbon Products, Inc. manufactures products that maximize the performance potential out of every piece. Unique design capabilities give us a high degree of flexibility in design and manufacturing. While manufacturing both the brush and brush holder, SEW Carbon can design both components to work collectively to provide you with the best performance, savings and brush life possible with excellent turnaround time.

Carbon Brush Holder - Carbon Motor Brushes All SEW brush holders are made of the finest brass quality, solid or extruded, with constant force spring assemblies. Specialized options include: height adjustability, quick disconnecting terminals. Our brush holders are available in a wide variety of sizes for any application and are engineered with exclusive features to help you reduce maintenance costs, improve performance and extend brush and commutator life.


Over 25 of the popular brush holder styles are carried in stock. SEW Carbon also refurbishes GE magazine brush holders.

Constant Pressure Spring Assemblies

SEW offers replacement spring assemblies or spring repair for virtually every type of constant force brush holder, including turbine ring magazines. Our spring assemblies are designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original part. Over 25 popular spring styles are carried in stock.

SEW Quick Disconnect (HQDs) terminals and mounts make changing carbon brushes fast and easy. With no screws to remove or replace, the HQD terminals and mounts snap together in a tight positive locking action. The electrical connection remains secure in the roughest of conditions and styles and sizes can be threaded to fit most existing equipment. The HQDs are manufactured to handle 200 amps continuously.

Shaft Grounding Brush Holder:
Check out our shaft grounding brush holder and brush holder kit, which effectively shunts static and induced shaft currents away from the bearing. The silver graphite brush maintains the lowest contact drop so shaft voltages stay at safe, minimum levels near zero in an effort to provide you with fast, easy brush changes.





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